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Agriculture and Traceability



Revolutionising Agriculture with Blockchain Technology. At Youki, we recognize the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the agriculture sector. That's why we have developed Farmident, an innovative blockchain ecosystem built on Youki's infrastructure.

By combining blockchain technology with Industry 4.0 solutions, Farmident enables agricultural enterprises to securely sign, store, and manage data, documents, contracts, and quality-related processes in a decentralized, immutable, and tamper-proof manner, while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Challenges in Agriculture and Food Supply Chains

Lack of transparency and trust due to complex, fragmented supply chains

Difficulty in verifying the origin, quality, and sustainability of agricultural products

Inefficient data management and communication among supply chain stakeholders

Increased consumer demand for transparency and accountability in food production

A Blockchain-Powered Solution

Farmident leverages blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and efficient ecosystem for data management and traceability in agriculture

By providing a tamper-proof, decentralized platform for recording and sharing data, Farmident enables seamless collaboration and trust among farmers, processors, distributors, and consumers

Smart contracts automate and streamline critical processes, such as quality assurance, certification, and payments, reducing administrative burdens and costs

Advanced IoT integrations allow for real-time data capture and monitoring, providing valuable insights into crop health, soil conditions, and environmental factors

Benefits for Farmers and Agricultural Businesses:

Secure, immutable record-keeping for all farming data and transactions

Access to new markets and premium pricing opportunities based on validated quality and sustainability attributes

Improved supply chain efficiency and reduced administrative costs through automation and smart contracts

Enhanced trust and credibility through transparent, verifiable data sharing with downstream partners and consumers

Actionable insights and predictive analytics derived from IoT data, enabling data-driven decision making and optimization

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Empowering Consumers
and Promoting Sustainability

Farmident enables consumers to access detailed, verified information about the origin, journey, and environmental impact of their food choices.

By scanning a QR code or NFC tag, consumers can trace the entire history of a product from farm to fork, increasing transparency and trust.

This empowers consumers to make more informed, sustainable purchasing decisions, supporting local farmers and eco-friendly production practices.

Farmident also facilitates direct connections between consumers and farmers, fostering a sense of community and enabling new models of community-supported agriculture.

Real-World Applications and Partnerships

Farmident is actively collaborating with leading agricultural businesses, cooperatives, and certification bodies to implement blockchain-based traceability solutions across various sectors. Some notable applications include:

Tracing the origin and quality of specialty coffee beans from smallholder farmers to roasters and cafes

Verifying the organic and fair-trade certifications of cocoa products throughout the supply chain

Monitoring the provenance, animal welfare, and sustainability of meat products from farm to retail

Through partnerships and pilot projects, Farmident is demonstrating the transformative potential of blockchain in agriculture and setting new standards for transparency and accountability in food supply chains.
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