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Our Leadership

Michael Stoussavljewitsch

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Michael Stoussavljewitsch is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in engineering, defense, and business development.

He began his career as a system engineer for the Eurofighter before serving as an officer in the German Armed Forces, where he held various roles, including Technical Officer for flying weapon systems and Armaments Officer Luftwaffe.


Michael earned an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in International Marketing and Sales Management, providing him with a unique combination of technical and business skills.


As a co-founder of Youki GmbH, Wattify GmbH, and ecrop GmbH, he is responsible for the company's finances, organization, personnel, and controlling. With his diverse background and experience, Michael is a valuable member of the management team and a key asset to the success of Youki's business plans.

Martin Stoussavljewitsch

Co-Founder and Managing Director

With over a decade of experience in multilateral cooperative projects within the renewable energy sector, program management, and engineering, Martin Stoussavljewitsch is a co-founder and visionary of several companies, including YOUKI GmbH, Wattify GmbH, and ecrop GmbH.


Prior to co-founding Youki, Martin spent eight years at the European Defence Agency in Brussels, where he facilitated business deals among European governments for large multilateral cooperative projects.


Martin earned his MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Federal Armed Forces and his MBA in Marketing and International Sales Management. He also has a military background, having spent 12 years in the German Air Force in various leadership positions, primarily focusing on fighter aircraft operations and maintenance.

Tobias Rentsch

Head of Application Development

Tobias Rentsch is an accomplished technology professional with a successful track record of building and leading innovative startups.


After studying Informatics, Tobias began his career in IT and worked in various positions, including software development and project management.


He then co-founded fintus GmbH, a Fintech company in the banking industry, where he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and played a pivotal role in the company's success.


In addition to his co-founder role, he experienced a successful exit with his first startup. Tobias then joined the team at YOUKI GmbH, where he serves as the Head of Application Development.


He also worked as the Product Owner and visionary for the innovative platform for renewable energy investments. With his expertise in technology and experience in successful startups, Tobias is a valuable member of Youki's management team.

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