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Energy Sector


Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) and Software-Defined Gateway (SDGW)

Youki is pioneering the development of a Software-Defined Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) that revolutionises the capabilities of traditional SMGWs.

By enabling advanced features such as blockchain integration, AI analytics, and IoT compatibility, our solution unlocks new possibilities for energy management and grid optimization.

Benefits of our solution

Flexible and scalable deployment of energy community applications

Intelligent data management and analysis through AI

Seamless integration with Home Energy Management Systems and renewable energy sources

With the ongoing SMGW rollout in Germany and legislative changes aimed at accelerating the process, our Software-Defined SMGW is poised to drive the future of smart metering. It aligns perfectly with current trends towards decentralised energy production and consumption, as well as the increased focus on climate neutrality.


GridGuru is our flagship AI-driven energy management solution. By leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, GridGuru empowers grid operators to optimise energy distribution, reduce costs, and integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly. With GridGuru, we're enabling a smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy future.

Benefits of our solution

More stable and reliable energy supply

Lower energy costs through optimized consumption and dynamic pricing

Increased access to clean, renewable energy sources

Personalized energy insights and recommendations for efficiency



Balancer is our innovative demand response platform that builds on GridGuru's AI insights to achieve real-time grid balancing.


By incentivising energy consumers to adjust their consumption patterns dynamically, Balancer helps stabilise the grid, reduce peak demand, and maximise the utilisation of renewable energy.


It's a win-win solution for energy providers and consumers  alike.

How it works

AI algorithms predict demand and identify flexibility opportunities.

Consumers are incentivized to adjust consumption through dynamic pricing.

Real-time adjustments are made to maintain grid stability and optimize renewable energy use.

Blockchain ensures secure, transparent, and automated settlement offlexibility transactions.


25% reduction in peak demand and associated infrastructure costs.

40% increase in renewable energy utilization and integration.

Improved grid resilience and stability through real-time balancing.

Empowerment of consumers as active participants in the energy market.

Promotes the integration of renewable energy sources.

Contributes to a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

Renewable Energy Impact Investment Platform

Youki has developed a groundbreaking impact investment platform that democratises access to renewable energy projects. By leveraging DLT and asset tokenization, we enable individuals to invest in and support the growth of sustainable energy initiatives worldwide. Our platform offers a transparent, secure, and efficient way for investors to participate in the financing of renewable energy projects.

Key Features

Fractional ownership of renewable energy assets through tokenization

Transparent and secure investment process using DLT

Carefully vetted and curated projects with strong sustainability impact

Accessible to a wide range of investors, with low minimum investment amounts

Real-time insights into investment performance and environmental metrics

Benefits of our solution

Ability to align investments with environmental and social values

Access to high-quality, previously inaccessible renewable energyprojects

Potential for stable, long-term returns and portfolio diversification

Transparent and secure investment process with real-time performance tracking

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