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Finance Sector



Ecrop is our groundbreaking platform for issuing and trading fully regulated crypto securities and shares. By leveraging the transparency, security, and efficiency of DLT, ecrop enables startups and SMEs to access new sources of capital while providing investors with innovative investment opportunities. We're revolutionizing the way companies and investors interact, creating a more inclusive and dynamic financial ecosystem.

Key Features

Compliant issuance and trading of tokenized securities and shares

Transparent and auditable transaction record through DLT

Automated compliance and reporting through smart contracts

Integration with traditional banking and payment systems

Intuitive user interface for seamless investment and trading


Access to a broader range of investment opportunities

Fractional ownership, enabling diversification with smaller investment amounts

Transparent and secure transaction record through DLT

Potential for liquidity and faster settlement of trades


Tacct is our groundbreaking crowd investing platform dedicated to empowering Ukrainian defence start-ups.


By leveraging the power of tokenization and electronic shares (Kryptoaktie), tacct enables retail investors worldwide to directly support and invest in the most promising defence technology companies in Ukraine.

How it works

Ukrainian defence start-ups, vetted and supported by Ukrainian Government-sponsored accelerators, are featured on the tacct platform, with their dedicated funding request.

Investors get registered via the tacct Mobile App, complete required KYC procedures, and browse available investment opportunities

Upon selecting a start-up, investors can easily complete the investment process entirely electronically

Investors receive electronic shares (Kryptoaktie) granting them full shareholder rights under German law

Funds are securely transferred to start-ups, empowering them to develop cutting-edge defence solutions


Unique opportunity to support Ukrainian sovereignty and directly contribute to the defence effort

Access to carefully vetted, high-potential defence start-ups at the forefront of technological innovation

Fully digital investment process with the ability to securely manage holdings through the tacct app

Full shareholder rights and the potential for long-term value appreciation

Opportunity to join a vibrant community of like-minded investors and start-ups


TACCT's Real-World Impact

Tacct is committed to featuring start-ups that are making a tangible difference on the frontlines. Some example sectors include:

AI-powered solutions for mine detection and autonomous demining robots, enhancing soldier and civilian safety

Comprehensive battlefield management platforms, integrating data analysis, communication, and task management for improved situational awareness

Portable, autonomous blood warmers for critical field medicine applications, aiming to supply both Ukrainian and NATO forces


TACCT's Regulatory Compliance and Technological Infrastructure:

ecrop, our flagship company for issuing electronic shares (Kryptoaktie), provides the regulatory expertise and technological infrastructure powering the tacct platform.

All necessary licenses and approvals are processed by ecrop, ensuring full compliance with German financial regulations.

The TACCT Mobile App leverages ecrop's secure and user-friendly technology stack, enabling seamless investor onboarding, electronic share issuance, and portfolio management.

By combining the power of crowd investing, electronic shares (Kryptoaktie), and a focus on supporting Ukrainian defence innovators, TACCT is creating a unique ecosystem that empowers both investors and start-ups.

Through TACCT, individuals across the globe can now directly contribute to Ukraine's defence efforts, while also participating in the potential success of these groundbreaking companies.

Join us in the mission to support Ukraine's sovereignty and drive technological innovation in the defence sector

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