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Youki's Patent Portfolio

At Youki, we are committed to driving innovation in the energy and fintech sectors. Our growing patent portfolio is a testament to our dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges of the future.

Granted Patents

“Method and System for the distributed assignment of revenue from a system to several persons involved” (European Patent: EP3800826)

A method for distributing facility yields to participants using a smart meter gateway network and blockchain technology. The process involves storing participation data and smart contracts in a blockchain, collecting energy production information, calculating yield tokens based on this data and the smart contract, and then allocating these tokens to participants according to their stored participation information.

“Method and System for tracking and/or monitoring a process” (European Patent: EP3828807)

A method for tracking and monitoring processes using a blockchain network, where computer units with unique identifiers are linked to identities and smart contracts containing test criteria. The method involves storing process information in the blockchain, with smart contracts working in a chained manner to evaluate and process the information, enabling efficient tracking and monitoring of processes.
“Methods and System for distributed assignment of yields of a facility to a plurality of participating persons” US Patent 11,876,906 (Application No 17/765,791)

A method for distributing yields from a facility to participants using a smart meter gateway network and blockchain technology. The process involves storing participation information and smart contracts in a blockchain, receiving energy production data, calculating yield tokens based on this data, and assigning these tokens to participants according to their stored participation information.

Pending Patents (selection)

“System, method and apparatus for performing cryptographically secured transactions”: (European Patent: EP3627434)

A system for conducting transactions between at least two transaction partners using a network of smart meter gateways. The system comprises distributed smart meter gateways connected to measuring devices, forming a computer group for transactions, and generating cryptographically linked data sets containing transaction information.
"Blockchain-based Load Balancing System for Power Grids":

This pending patent application covers our innovative load balancing system that leverages blockchain technology to optimize energy distribution and improve grid stability.

"Method for Automated Matching of Energy Consumers and Producers":

Our pending patent application protects our unique method for automatically matching energy consumers and producers, facilitating peer-to-peer energy trading and maximizing the utilization of renewable energy sources
"Method for Decentralized Management of Metering Points":


This pending patent application describes our decentralized approach to managing metering points, enabling more efficient and secure data collection and processing in smart metering systems.

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Continuous Innovation and Collaboration

At Youki, we are committed to continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI, DLT, and fintech

Our dedicated research and development teams work tirelessly to identify new opportunities, develop novel solutions, and refine existing technologies to better serve our users and partners

We actively collaborate with leading academic institutions, industry partners, and technology providers to stay at the forefront of these rapidly evolving fields and create value through shared knowledge and expertise

By investing in innovation and securing intellectual property protection, we are well-positioned to shape the future of energy, finance, and beyond, creating a more sustainable, equitable, and empowering world for all


Youki Groups ISO 27001 Certification

Youki Group and its daughter companies are ISO 27001 certified by GUTcert, a leading certification body.

This certification demonstrates our adherence to the highest standards of information security management, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems and data.

The scope of our ISO 27001 certification covers:

Software development, particularly the development, deployment, and operation of blockchain networks and associated decentralized platforms and applications.

Provision of financial services, including crypto securities registration and crypto custody business within the meaning of the German Banking Act (KWG).

Structuring and brokering of financial instruments based on blockchain technology, along with related supporting processes.

By maintaining ISO 27001 certification, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive data, managing information security risks, and providing secure and reliable services to our clients and partners.

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