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Empowering Individuals through AI, DLT, and Fintech

We create Intelligent, Transparent, and Participatory Solutions Across Industries

Our Mission

At Youki, we believe in the transformative power of technology to drive positive change and solve complex challenges.
Our mission is to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technology (DLT), and financial technology (fintech) to develop innovative, human-centric solutions that revolutionise industries and improve people's lives.
By putting these cutting-edge tools in the hands of individuals (YOU), we aim to foster a new era of empowerment, collaboration, and progress.

Our Initiatives




Education and Empowerment in Finance

Agriculture and Traceability

Our Advantages

AI-Driven Insights

Our AI capabilities, powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, enable us to derive actionable insights, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions. This allows us to create solutions that are intelligent, adaptive, and continuously improving.

Seamless Value Exchange

Our fintech expertise enables us to develop solutions that facilitate seamless value exchange, investment, and financial inclusion. From tokenizing assets to creating peer-to-peer marketplaces, we make it easier for individuals and organizations to participate in the economy.

Secure and Transparent

By leveraging DLT, particularly blockchain technology, we create tamper-proof, decentralized records of transactions and data. This promotes trust, transparency, and efficiency across our initiatives, from energy management to digital asset transactions.

Synergistic Ecosystem

The true power of Youki lies in the synergies between our core technologies and initiatives. Our AI insights enhance the efficiency of our DLT-based platforms, while our fintech solutions enable seamless transactions and investment. This creates a holistic ecosystem where innovation in one domain amplifies the impact in others.

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Our Leadership


Michael Stoussavljewitsch

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Martin Stoussavljewitsch

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Tobias Rentsch

Head of Application Development

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team comprises top professionals in their respective fields, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and a passion for technology.  


Together, we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge products and tailored solutions that drive success and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Alfons N

Orchestrating seamless operations across the organization

Ali B

Envisioning and shaping innovative products that transform industries

Behzad K

Crafting robust and scalable backend systems that power our platforms

Erfan Sedigh E

Orchestrating seamless deployment and operation of our cutting-edge solutions

Esmaeil M

Safeguarding our systems and data with cutting-edge security strategies

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